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    Using the root canal file should pay attention to what the problem?

    Time: 2015-01-20 14:08:56     

    In forming file into the root canal before determining the existence of a linear channel, and carefully check the root tube unobstructed. Each step must be matched with the root tube full of washing and lubricating.

    The often clean burrs and inspection instrument deformation.

    The machine series to use special high torque adjustable speed motor, the rotating speed is constant at 150-300rpm, rotate to enter or exit the root canal.

    Because of the frequent use of S1, S2, F1, F2, the number reached reasonable after use should be replaced.

    Root canal irrigation and lubrication by solvent introduction:

    In the absence of the pulp chamber was full of washing before any endodontic instruments are not just used, if pulp fresh pulp, should choose the viscous chelate flushing tube. As for liquefaction or necrosis of pulp, pulp cavity flushing may be the choice of sodium hypochlorite solution.

    The sodium hypochlorite can absorb a greater degree of pulp tissue, concentration of 2.5%-5% in clinical use, can not only kill bacterial spores, and to maximize the absorption of pulp tissues throughout the root canal system. Studies show that in the pre expansion of good root canal pulp chamber to the 2/3 example, warm hypochlorous acid sodium (60 DEG C) can significantly improve the pulp absorption, in order to better promote the absorption solution on pulp tissue, should be completely filled with sodium hypochlorite solution in preparation of good space. In fact SuprFiles to expand the root canal is to provide enough space to accommodate a sufficient amount of washing liquid and can use small size K files auxiliary flushing.

    The chelate (EDTA) chelating agent containing EDTA, is the most common clinical root canal irrigation. The main purpose of the flush material application is the use of clastic emulsification, keep the suspension state, lubricating root canal, so as to improve the effect of root canal preparation. Chelate clinically used washing liquid is viscous and solution two.

    Viscous chelating agent (gel) with good emulsifying properties of fresh pulp. The fresh pulp the most important component of collagen, the substance can easily be cured of jelly and blocking the Seguin tube, when the fresh pulp tend to atrophy atrophy of gel time, gel forming process, EDTA can prevent dental pulp to promote the emulsification, into more conducive to larger file. Attention should be paid to the viscous chelating agent in time not too long in the root canal in use, because the washing reactant and dentin, dentin are produced become soft, crumbs fall off and blocking the Seguin tube. The combined application of sodium hypochlorite and EDAT gel can release oxygen, have a certain effect of sterilization.

    Water soluble chelator EDTA 'liquid' expansion can be removed and caused due to metal utensils cutting root canal smear layer. For best results, root canal application of aqueous EDTA solution soaking, supplemented by ultrasonic vibration flushing can be inside dentin surface contamination layer completely removed, occlusion of dentinal tubules opened again, and to form a smooth surface to facilitate future root canal filling.

    Application with SuprFiles in two washing fabrics used alternately, can the high quality complete root canal preparation, and can prolong the service life of equipment.

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