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    Diamond bur

    Time: 2015-01-20 14:07:14     

    Emery car needle part bit peripheral attachment emery small particles, these particles through the emery go miscellaneous, demagnetization, spheronization, purification treatment in sharpness and wear resistance, good performance. Diamond bur in the use process, emery will gradually fall, usually in emery drop in half, this is the root of the car that will be the end of the service life of needle.

    According to the functions of classification: high speed and low speed (16, 30, 45jrpm)

    According to the length of the classification: standard, short handle, short handle (17-26mm)

    According to thickness classification: coarse, fine and ultrafine standards,

    Classified according to purpose: to repair the preparation of abutment, preparing hole type etc.

    According to the morphological classification: various forms

    According to the classification of corundum type: natural and artificial.

    According to the service life of classification: a one-time, repeatability

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